Enjoy the ride!


There are many great reasons to ride:

  • It’s a fun and enjoyable activity whether you are commuting or going on a recreational ride.
  • It’s a convenient and easy way to get you around - a door to door solution. Saves you time too!
  • It gives you freedom and independence to go where and when you please.
  • It saves you money as you don’t have to get gas, insurance, licenses, calculate lost depreciation, or find parking.
  • It’s good for your body and soul. Get somewhere and get exercise too!
  • It creates healthier communities: healthier bodies and better air.
  • It’s planet friendly. Reduce your carbon footprint. One less car does make a difference.
  • It makes our beautiful city even more attractive to visitors whether they see local sites by bike or as part of their trans-Canada journey. Cycling tourism creates jobs.

 Are you making excuses not to cycle?

Excuse 1: I’m afraid of traffic. It’s dangerous!
Similar to driving, you learn to ride more safely with proper training. Read on! Our Handbook is a great start.


Excuse 2: It’s too wet or cold to ride!
Yes our weather is not always the kindest! But bad weather doesn’t have to stop you from riding. Learn how to be ready for anything.


Excuse 3: The hills are waaaaay too steep
Yes, we do have steep hills but by learning proper gearing and braking you can get to the top easier and to the bottom safer.


Excuse 4: I’ll get all sweaty and my hair will get messy
It’s not a race; you set the pace! You can choose to arrive sweat free if needed. Your hair can be quickly arranged and you’ll have the benefit of a healthy glow after your ride.


Excuse 5: I can’t carry all the things I need
Baskets and panniers/saddle bags on your rack should get your things to and fro. Keep clothing at work. Consider home delivery or a car pick up for shopping trips.