Enjoy the ride!


Why wear your helmet?


Fact: Brain injury resulting from a fall can be either very serious or kill you.


Fact: Helmets spread the force of blunt impacts.


Fact: Most crashes and collisions are falls that don’t involve other vehicles.


Fact: Cycling is a reasonably safe activity, yet the unexpected does happen.


Wear your helmet to protect your skull: helmets greatly reduce the risk of permanent brain injury and death. In St. John’s, riding without a helmet is an offence subject to fines.


For reflection: Think not only of yourself but also of your loved ones. What would their lives be like without you? Falls happen to the most experienced cyclists.


How to wear your helmet


How to choose your helmet:

Choose your bicycle helmet not by style alone but how it fits you and that it complies with a recognized safety standard such as Canadian Standards Association (CSA), Snell, ANSI, ASTM, CPSC, BSI, and SAA. Get it fitted properly when buying. It should be slightly larger than your head and fit comfortably. Make adjustments with provided sizing pads. Go for a light-coloured and single-coloured helmet. Make sure you choose one you will wear!



  • Always buy new!
  • Replace your helmet after any collision (even if no damage is visible).