Enjoy the ride!

Lock it or Lose it

Locks: Prevent you from losing your bike, wheels & seat.

  • Buy the best locks you can afford.
  • Double up with a U-lock and a chain/cable lock to make your bike harder to steal. Thieves need to carry two tools.
  • Choose a U-lock with as little interior room as you can spare.


Lock up:

  • Consider replacing wheel and seat quick releases with standard bolts.
  • Remove quick release seat and accessories (lights, reflectors, tools, etc.) that are easy to steal.
  • Lock the bike frame, through either of the bike frame triangles to a securely bolted or cemented to ground bike rack/object. Include the rear wheel and the front wheel if possible.
  • Avoid locking to objects that can be easily cut such as trees, wooden porch rails and chain link fences.
  • Lock up in well-lit busy areas with other bikes nearby. Shorter irregular durations are best.


Identification/recovery tip

Take a photo of your bike. Look for your bike's serial number (underneath bottom bracket) and write it down.


Remember: Many bikes that are stolen are unlocked, especially at home - if you love it, don't lose it: lock it!