Enjoy the ride!

Braking and Gearing


  • Ride in control. Start braking before going too fast. Maintain a safe stopping distance.
  • Apply front and rear brakes equally. Avoid over use of front brake which could mean going over your handlebars.
  • Brake before corners, not during.
  • Avoid skidding – hard to control.
  • Tip for the more experienced on faster descents: shift your weight back – not up, keep feet on parallel pedals, and keep legs and arms relaxed to absorb some of the bumps.
  • Speed requires an excellent focus on traffic and ability to negotiate other road hazards.



  • RPM - Change gears to maintain a pedalling rate - called cadence - of 75-100 revolutions per minute.
  • High cadence increases muscle efficiency and lung capacity PLUS it saves your knees and it's less stressful on your bike.
  • Shift gears before you feel resistance when you are climbing.
  • What gear does what? Remember, the closer the chain is to the frame, the easier it is to go up hills and ride into the wind.