Enjoy the ride!

My Bike and Me: A Young Cyclist's Handbook

This Handbook was written and reviewed by nationally certified cycling safety instructors. It provides information about laws contained in the Highway Traffic Act of Newfoundland and Labrador as well as cycling-related by-laws of the City of St. John’s. It also presents advice not included in the law, founded on the principle of best practices. While this Handbook will help protect your legal rights as a cyclist, it is not a proper legal authority and should not be relied upon in a court of law. In the event of a difference between material included in this Handbook and the Highway Traffic Act, the Act shall apply.


To our Young Cyclists 

We've made this Handbook fun and interesting especially for you. It's filled with all kinds of information, activities, and tips on how to cycle more confidently and more safely. Read this Handbook and try the activities with an older cyclist - make them your Bike Buddy.


To the Adults in the lives of our Young Cyclists

This Handbook introduces kids to safe cycling. The importance of the material lays in how the child is guided to understanding cycling safety and, subsequently, developing

the traffic 'common sense' that we, as adults, take for granted.We'd like you to become a Bike Buddy, a mentor and role model to guide children through the activities in this book. Please take the time to do the exercises together, discuss the importance of each topic and make it fun. You can find out more about safe cycling in the companion Handbook “Getting Around St. John’s: A Cyclist’s Handbook.” The many suggestions in this Handbook have been simplified to present the essence of safe cycling development. An excellent way to advance the cycling skills of the children in your care is to enrol them in a Kids CAN-BIKE course offered through the Department of Recreation


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