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CAN-BIKE is Canada’s only national safe cycling education program. CAN-BIKE courses empower cyclists to ride more confidently and more safely. The Canadian Cycling Association has continuously developed the CAN-BIKE program over the last 30 years and delivered it in many communities across Canada.


Bicycle Newfoundland and Labrador is the provincial CAN-BIKE delivery partner. In association with Bicycle Newfoundland and Labrador, the City of St. John's Department of Recreation is offering CAN-BIKE courses to residents.


The CAN-BIKE program offers a proven curriculum delivered to national standards. There are courses to suit a wide range of cycling ages, abilities and purpose. There are courses for adults who have never ridden bikes, for children learning to ride on the road, for adults riding on residential roads and bike paths, for rural cycling, and advanced skill development for riding in all traffic conditions.


Individuals who do well in the advanced level course (i.e. CAN-BIKE 2) are eligible for the CAN-BIKE instructor workshop where, based on their performance, they can become a certified CAN-BIKE instructor.


To maintain national standards, CAN-BIKE instructors must be highly skilled cyclists, have excellent risk management skills, know how to teach children and adults on the road and in classrooms, and be an advocate for cycling safety in their communities.


Are you ready to become a better and more informed cyclist? For further information on CAN-BIKE courses contact:

The City of St. John’s, Department of Recreation
e-mail: recreation@stjohns.ca
or call: 576-8522