"Enjoy the ride!"
- Mayor Dennis O'Keefe

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Cycle Lane
A cycle lane is painted on the road with white lines (as shown to the left). It provides a dedicated lane for the exclusive use of cyclists. Caution should be used if pavement markings have faded.

A trail is separate from the street network and typically has a stone dust surface. The trails on this map are suitable for cycling but it may be difficult when the trail is wet. Caution should be used at street crossings where drivers may not expect you.

Signed Only
These streets use 'Bike Route' or 'Share the Road' signs such as those shown below to highlight that they are part of a designated cycling route.

Shared Pathway
A shared pathway typically has an asphalt surface and is intended for both cyclists and pedestrians. Please be courteous to other users.

A sharrow (as pictured to the left) is marked on the pavement to indicate that the street is shared by cyclists and drivers. The best place to ride is in line with the centre of the sharrow.

What do you think?
We are always looking for ways to get better! Please use the contact us link below to let us know how you think we can improve our cycling network.